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Sarasota businessman wants restitution for lost business due to roundabout construction

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - A Sarasota business owner says he's lost thousands of dollars due to customers who couldn't find his high-end men's clothing store during roundabout construction. 

Hank Battie, Owner of Cravats' Custom Clothiers, says he suffered his first quarterly losses in 28 years due to the detours and closed roads about the project at Orange Avenue and Ringling Boulevard.

Battie doesn't even think a roundabout is needed in that intersection. 

"I understand roundabouts are supposed to be calming traffic, but traffic is already calmed in that area, nobody speeds through that intersection. I don't understand the whole concept.  So...restitution? Yes!" Battie said. 

Sarasota City Engineer Alex DavisShaw has told ABC 7 earlier this year that adjacent business owners will be happy with the result of the roundabout. 

The project began in November and could be finished "sometime this week." For Battie, that can't come soon enough. 

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