Residents have doubts with Sarasota County's new mosquito spraying system

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - Mosquito season is in full effect across the state. And now, mosquito control has green lighted a project that they say will make it safer and more efficient to spray Sarasota County.

"I made it so that they have a controller inside the vehicle and they pull it out the back of the vehicle and are able to spray it from the back side of the truck."

Technician Norm Mosely came up with what he calls a better system...and his boss happens to agree.

"The old system of driving in the incorrect lane but also spraying with a hand held gun out the window not only in my opinion unsafe, but it's an outdated way of doing it when we have so many better options at our disposal."

But some North Port residents have doubts with this new system saying it needs to go through more of a vetting process. One person opposed to it says trying to adjust a joystick and look at the road causes distracted driving.

And with two technicians in each truck, there are also concerns that less ground will be covered, and large areas will not be sprayed.

Director of Sarasota Mosquito Management Matt Smith says the system has gone through the vetting process and will not lead to a decrease in service anywhere in the county. He also says the organization is taking steps to make the process more organized and efficient while serving the whole county.

The plans include spraying larvacide and using planes, as well as studying data and looking where mosquitoes are and aren't.

"We are literally always looking forward, looking ahead to change the game and change it for the better."