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Removing Irma debris may take longer than expected

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB)- Irma debris may take longer to remove than previously thought.  According to Sarasota Emergency Management, the Suncoast is experiencing a shortage of companies willing to remove the tons of yard waste left behind by the storm. 

While the county has a standing contract with a company for the removal, they say, that company is having a hard time finding subcontractors to complete the job because those subcontractors are going to areas where they will get paid more for the removal. 

"Two days ago we had 6 resources, that's 6 more truck coming into our area. They saw the amount of debris here and they left our area to move south because of the collection rates," said EOC director Rich Collins.

Sarasota County pays about $8 per cubic yard, compared to some areas who are paying up to $18 for the same amount of waste.  Officials currently have 11 trucks removing debris throughout the community but say they are working hard to add more trucks. 

In the meantime, officials are asking people to be patient. Residents can also drop off their debris at any of the waste collections sites, the normal fees for that service have been waived.