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Publix subs ranked number one in America

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LAKELAND, FL (WWSB) - A popular sub found in one Florida Grocery store has been named the country's best sub by entertainment and culture website, Thrillist.

The Publix sub, known by some as the 'Pub Sub,' was ranked as the best sub in the country by Thrillist writer, Jason Diamond.

This announcement comes as a bit of a shock because Florida isn't exactly known for our cuisine. Historians do credit Florida with the introduction of the Cuban sandwich to the rest of the country, but, we can't agree if Tampa or Miami should get the credit.

More impressive is that Publix's 1,167 stores are found exclusively in the south. Reaching only as far north as Virginia and only as far west as Alabama.

So how did a national publication pick a Florida favorite? Well according to the article Diamond did live in Florida in his 20s, but, the reach of the Publix sub goes far beyond its stores.

Publix subs have their own Facebook fan page and there is also a nearly four-minute-long song created in the sub’s honor by a superfan.

There is even a twitter account that lets you know if the Chicken Tender sub is on sale or not.

Diamond says in his article that the popularity of the sub is due to its simplistic nature. He says instead of being showy you always get a reliable and high-quality sub.