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Power outage at The Haven causing issues for those with disabilities

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - It's been a very rough couple of days for workers and for people who live at The Haven in Sarasota.  The residential facility which caters to those with disabilities has been without power since Sunday morning.  Elizabeth Harrod has lived here for 25 years.  She describes what it's been like.

"It was like hot weather," said Harrod.

Generators throughout the campus are providing some minimal relief such as fans and other essential items including refrigerators, but it has been very challenging for folks who are there.

"All the food that we purchased has gone bad," said Brad Jones, CEO of The Haven.  "Being able to have the medicine for the residents, a lot of them have seizures so the heat really plays a role in the seizures, really just to be able to get the power on means all the world to us here."

Those who work at the Haven say the community has stepped up to help anyway they can.

"Bayside Church came out, we've had the Boy Scouts out helping clean up," said Christine Crawford, Vice President of Recruitment and Residential Services at The Haven.  "We've had random people from the community that have offered to come out and help cut tree branches and clean up so it's been wonderful.

Caitlyn is one of more than 40 residents who lives here.  She decided to stay with her mom until the power comes back on but she tells us she can't wait to get back to her home.

"It's like not being able to come home, because living here now for 5 years to me this house is my home," said Caitlyn.

FPL says power was restored to The Haven on Wednesday night.  Residents did spend the night at a local hotel.