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Photo appearing to show Venice Mayor grab woman's breast surfaces

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VENICE, FL (WWSB) - Venice Mayor John Holic is having to answer questions regarding a photo that is floating around social media. The image appears to show Mayor John Holic grabbing the breast of a woman. 

Mayor Holic told ABC7 that the picture was taken at least a year ago in Venice and he was with his wife at the time.

He tells us what was in the woman's shirt were either balloons or miniature soccer balls. He also said the woman was with a bigger group and his hand was put up on her chest.

Many folks we talked with near city hall had mixed reaction to the picture, a lot of them saying more information needs to come out before any judgement is made.  For Venice residents Sharon and Donald Matthews, they tell us they are disturbed by the picture.

"Disgusted, I just don't understand why a man would put his hand anyplace around a woman's breast, I mean you just don't do it," said Sharon Matthews.

"It's just unacceptable behavior to do that, joking or not," said Donald Matthews.

The mayor says he doesn't know who the woman is or who took the picture.