PGT Inc. buys competitor company for $111 million

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VENICE, Fla. -- PGT Inc. is the nation's leading manufacturer and supplier of residential impact-resistant windows and doors. The company has been in business in Venice since 1980, employs nearly 1,700 employees and is growing fast.

“We hired over 300 people year to date here in Florida on this campus,” said PGT President and CEO Jeff Jackson.

This week the manufacturer of windows and doors announced they are spending $111 million to acquire CGI Windows & Doors based in Miami.

“We didn't pay $111 million to consolidate that company, we paid $111 million to gain market share and to expand that company. When we go down in that area, we do plan to making our presence known and keeping that CGI brand intact and keeping the folks there at CGI employed.”

“I'm just thrilled,” said Venice Mayor John Holic. He told ABC7 the city is always looking to recruit new companies who want to call Venice home, and is very thankful for quality companies like PGT who he says is a great community partner.

“We want something for the kids who go to school here to come back to and to have our own businesses and our own city and big businesses, good businesses, good community neighbors like PGT, it is just a bonus for our area.”

Jackson says PGT just finished their best quarter since 2006. He says their success is a direct reflection of our current healthy economy.

“Venice is growing, Lakewood Ranch is growing the east coast is growing, all over Florida is really experiencing a tremendous growth in this current economy. Unemployment is good, everything is tracking well for us.”

PGT is also expanding their existing campus by building a glass plant which is expect to be completed in October. The creation of the new glass plant will mean an additional 60 jobs for our workforce right here on the Suncoast.