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On Election Day, Venice voters unite around growth issue

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"I really am concerned about over growth. Everything becoming cement instead of grass," said Venice resident Lynn Scisco.

Venice voters seem to be united around one issue this election season.

"This issue in this particular race is growth. But, manageable growth," said Venice resident Vickie Torello.

Torello fears home developers have free reign of wherever they want to build within the city, thanks to elected council members.

"The city council has been doing a wonderful job of allowing developers to waive their fees and they pass it on to the taxpayer," said Torello.

While Torello is unhappy with the current city council's stand on developers... council members must consider every developers request.

"The development proposals that come before council are carefully crafted by developers to get approval," said Bob Mudge.

Mudge is the Senior Writer for the Venice Gondolier Sun Newspapers. An ABC 7 coverage partner.

"If the city cannot articulate a good basis under the law to say no to something it's risking a lawsuit," said Mudge.

The candidates are split: for seat one, Emilio Carlesimo, who has served on City Council before, has voted in favor of developers. His opponent, Mitzie Fiedler ran against developers.

For seat two, Incumbent Deborah Anderson has voted against developers… her opponent Charles Newsom has said he's open to development.

"In general, a vibrant community needs to grow. The two camps go across all spectrums of the community," said Mudge.

Mudge has heard plenty of people for development. Especially those who want to see the city continue to grow. Either way, there may be a wake up call when the newly elected council members take their seat on day one.

"To actually be put in the chair where you're making a decision and there's a possibility that if you say no to something you could end up in a lawsuit for taking somebody's property rights away from them," said Mudge.