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Obamacare may be to blame for tax refund delays

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Thousands have seen their refund wait time jump from 6 to 8 weeks to now undetermined. And, the common thread between many of those people may be the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

"It said my refund would be available in 3 weeks and after the three-week mark I did not receive my taxes," that concern is from an anonymous ABC7 viewer who wanted to share her story.

"I went back on the IRS.Gov web site where's my refund. It said still processing date will be available soon," said the caller.

After waiting weeks, "soon" wasn't a good enough answer. The caller reached out the her tax office, which couldn't explain the hold up. But, they did tell her she wasn't alone. In fact, the common denominator with delayed returns is the Affordable Care Act Insurance Exchange.

"They told me that chances are that because of the market places insurance, I was one of the ones, caught up in that whole mess," the caller added.

But, the caller says she was unable to validate that information because when she reached out the IRS, she was on hold for more than 3 hours before finally giving up.

We reached out to CPA Joe Gruters. He couldn't comment directly on the caller's return status, but Gruters did say the IRS has delayed processing returns for those who received coverage through the federal marketplace.

"The IRS has been taking some of these returns that have the 1095a attached to it and they're doing a secondary review," he says.

The 1095a is the form that itemizes your insurance. It also includes any credits for insurance purchased on the exchange, and Gruters says that's where the hold up began.

"What happened was 800,000 of those 1095a were sent out with the wrong information. So what that means is, the IRS has basically said if you've received one, hold on until you've gotten the correct one back," added Gruters.

The documents were sent from the federal government, and Gruters says it's part of the growing pains with the new system.

"Whenever you have a new program or a new tax situation you're going to have some speed bumps, and hopefully we'll get through this and people will get their refunds within a couple of weeks," Gruters added.

In the meantime, the ABC7 anonymous caller says she remains in limbo.

"Im complete frustrated, I still have now answers I would expect they would have someone to answer questions."

The IRS says more than 90% of refunds are issued within 21 days of the tax return being accepted. They also say their seeing a normal volume of returns being held up.