Obamacare enrollment still proving troublesome

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SARASOTA, Fla. - It's been a rocky road the past three weeks when it comes to signing up for coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

"There is some trouble in the system but it's a lot better, its gotten a lot better since October 1," said Shawnta Zachary, an Affordable Care Act counselor.

Several people showed up Monday at the North Sarasota Library to get help enrolling. Local counselors from the county have been offering these free help sessions since the rollout started October 1.

"Everyone's been experiencing troubles," said Zachary, "it's not just Florida, it's not just one person and I understand the frustration, we're frustrated too."

But things do seem to be getting better, slowly but surely.

"They have definitely gotten better," said Lynn Ryan with Florida Blue Insurance, "actually just this past weekend...we had two applications go directly through and we've had a few more today so actually we've seen a real breakthrough just this past weekend."

The much-maligned HealthCare.gov website seemed to be working normally when we checked Monday afternoon.

And when we called to enroll by phone, we were talking with a real-life representative within two minutes. However, providers are still facing their share of challenges.

"There are still a great number of people out there that don't even know its a law," said Ryan.

Which means a big focus still has to be on educating those who qualify for coverage, something places like Florida Blue are working over-time to achieve.

"We have gotten extremely busy here at the retail center," said Ryan, "I would say that we're about three hundred percent of what our normal traffic is."