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North Port city attorney's future uncertain

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This is not the first time Linda Yates has had a problem with the city attorney, Mark Moriarty. Back in 2015 Yates told us she was worried Moriarty was overstepping the mark.

"We do need to address the things that the public is seeing and has concerns about," said Yates.

The concern then was about additions to city ordinances, commissioners didn't ask for. Moriarty said he was just following commission instruction.

Two years later, Moriarty is again in hot water. This time, Yates is calling for him to be fired.

"When it comes down to sitting down with our commission there's a lack of trust between our commission and our attorney," said Justin Willis.

Willis is a North Port resident. He attends most commission meetings and has been concerned about Moriarty for some time.

"Are we leaving things out that should be guarded? Are we allowing things to happen that shouldn't be happening at all," said Willis.

We asked Mayor Yates to go on-camera to explain her position, she declined. But Vice Mayor Vanessa Carusone did.

"I don't know that I would say that I don't trust him. I think the question should be, is he competent?" said Carusone.

Vice Mayor Carusone said she does have some concerns with Moriarty but she doesn't think firing him is the way to go.

"This Commission truly needs to tell the city attorney what is it we're having a problem with, have it in writing, and give him a certain amount of time to address it," said Carusone.

Moriarty isn't the only one having an issue. General Services Director Robin Carmichael was let go by the City Manager. It seems there was questions surrounding what her job was.

"I'm still, I wasn't truly sure whether that was a position that needed to be there or not," said Carusone.