New "Smart" Football Helmets at Lakewood Ranch High School

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LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL (WWSB) -- There's a new "player" on the Lakewood Ranch High School football team this season. The new Riddell Insite "Smart" helmet is made by their ITT Technology Center and is on the head of every player on the football team this season. The idea? To monitor where players get hit - making sure they play both smart AND safe this season. 

"There are five sensors inside, it's GPS based and will measure load and impact. It doesn't tell you if you have a concussion, but it will tell you just where your impacts have happened and how hard they were," says head football coach Chris Culton. 

Once a player turns the helmet on, the sensors inside begin tracking his motion immediately - and every piece of impact for every player, every position, right down to the minute it happens. If an impact goes over the threshold an alert is immediately sent to GPS units held by coaches as well as downloaded to the team's software.