Neighbors mixed on major project

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MANATEE COUNTY  The El Con Racquet Club is nearly next door to the Long Bar Pointe project.

These neighbors are opponents on the court--and in many cases, opponents off the court as well when it comes to a major project around El Con Parkway.

The crux of the issue--do you want more people in the area, or not?

Harvey Anderson has lived in this area near the proposed project for nearly 30 years. He was disappointed the project wasn't flat out rejected during this marathon meeting Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.

"I don't trust 'em. I don't know. I prefer to leave things the way they are," Anderson said.

But on the other side of the fence, or net, are residents like Trey Stroebel.

"I think there's pros and cons to this development. It would be a little more traffic, but it would be nice to have shops and increased economic activity and development," Stroebel said.

And while these neighbors volley back and forth their respective opinions, Stroebel takes a step back and offers this broad brush conclusion.

"It's great there's a lot of interest in this topic. A lot of people are getting to voice their opinion and we're going to have the most informed decision made possible," he said.

People are voicing their opinions, but after a marathon meeting, only one decision is clear--more review and more hearings are in the future.