Neighbors frustrated around former golf course

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Neighbors around the former Sarasota Golf Club say a developer closed the course with plans to build a neighborhood on the land. But now, more than 3 months later, nothing's happened and they say the area is becoming an eyesore.

Chris Hatton first built his house 15 years ago because it was next to the Sarasota Golf Club.  "It was advertised as a golf course property, we paid additional money and now there's no golf course, ha ha," Hatton said.

Chris isn't really laughing. In fact he's furious at the developer who he says was quick to close the course over 3 months ago, and now just lets it sit vacant.

"If he's going to develop it, get on with it, get it done. We don't want to see happen here happen at Forest Lakes when they ran out of money," he said.

Oh yeah, Forest Lakes -- a former golf course community on Beneva Road that's been full of high grass since the course closed 7 years ago to make room for development.

When asked what word he would choose to describe his feelings, Hatton chose, "betrayal."

But the developer says not so fast. Wally Devlin is traveling and told us on the phone he hopes to break ground in 45 to 90 days, he's still waiting for permits and says he's mowing all that's required of him.

Dave Beachy is a Sarasota realtor who's has clients around the former golf course.  He says he has to convince prospective buyers to have faith this won't always be like this.

"You always want to push for what the future's going to bring," Beachy said.

The developer insists the future will bring dozens of beautiful high-end homes.  Neighbors just want him to get started.