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2nd dangerous intersection on the Suncoast

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MANATEE COUNTY, (WWSB) - The countdown continues this week with the top 5 dangerous intersections on the Suncoast. 

The second dangerous intersection is a busy hot spot known to many in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. 

It's the intersection at 14th Street West and Cortez Road West in Bradenton. 

About 80,000 cars travel through 14th Street West and Cortez Road West daily. 

The high volume of cars create a high risk for serious accidents and crashes. 

Employees of local businesses near the intersection tell ABC 7 they often times see accidents happen just feet away from their business. 

Midas Mechanic Shop employee Scott Drury tells ABC 7 on a daily basis he sees the amount of cars and traffic build up at 14th Street West and Cortez Road West. 

Drury says that intersection being labeled the second dangerous doesn't come to him as a surprise.

" The name fits, you see the amount of fire trucks and ambulances constantly. I sit and count them as they go by and sometimes I lose count. I'd like to see traffic enforced in this area", says Drury. 

Harold Washburn, a local Bradenton resident, also mentioned he'd like to see changes done to limit the amount of traffic.  

" I think it's best they widen the turn lanes", says Washburn

Washburn also expressed concern about traffic lights taking to long to turn. 

Both issues are something the Sarasota - Manatee Metropolitan Planning Organization is looking at. 

The organization is working with road engineers and the Florida Department of Transportation to see what can be done to make the commute a lot easier. 

14th and Cortez is just one of the intersections that sees a high volume of cars due to the intersection allowing drivers to travel down US 41 North and US 41 South. 

Drivers at any intersection or road are always encouraged to drive with caution. 

Friday morning we will continue coverage on the top 5 dangerous intersections on the Suncoast starting at 5am.

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