Carjacking, shooting spree in WA injures two; gunman killed

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(RNN) – A man was shot and killed by an armed citizen after shooting two people and trying to steal multiple cars in a small rampage in Washington on Sunday.

One of the victims, a man, was airlifted to a hospital, according to a police spokeswoman, Laura Wohl. The other, a 16-year-old girl, suffered an injury believed to be minor.

Wohl described a chaotic spree which began with the suspect believed to be driving intoxicated the wrong way down a major road and ended with a bystander shooting and killing him in a Walmart parking lot.

At around 5:30 pm. local time, Wohl said police in Tumwater, about an hour and a half south of Seattle, received a call for a possible DUI, with a driver erratically going the wrong way down a major thoroughfare.

While responding to that, they received a call of possible shots fired near Tumwater High School. There, Wohl said police believe the suspect shot the 16-year-old girl and stole a car.

When they then arrived to that scene, they received yet another call that someone was trying to carjack vehicles at Walmart.

There, she said, the suspect shot a man inside a car he was trying to take before he was shot by the armed citizen while trying to take still another vehicle.

“When the individual who owned the car did not cooperate, he ended up shooting that car driver,” she said. “Then the suspect tried to carjack a second car. A citizen who was here in the parking lot took his gun and shot the suspect.”

She said police “definitely” believe the interweaving incidents are connected.

Witnesses described shots being fired inside the Walmart, as well, though Wohl did not confirm that.

Wohl said authorities do not yet know anything about the gunman and could not reveal any identifying details. They had yet to piece together any hint of a motive.

“We never want to see citizens put themselves in harm’s way,” she said of the citizen who shot the suspect, but, “in this case we don’t know if he stopped the suspect from killing or hurting other people, and that can only be a good thing.”

She said authorities believe they “have all the primary witnesses and will be able to move forward.”

The scene at Walmart was chaotic, according to local media reports.

A woman told The Olympian newspaper she heard “pop, pop, pop” coming from across the store.

“Then somebody yelled, ‘Run, run!’ and everyone took off.”

She said she heard more pops from outside.

It appeared no one was hurt inside the Walmart store.

Another witness told KIRO her husband watched the shooter “take his last breath” after being shot by the armed citizen.

“There were three civilians going after him to shoot him and two of them had their guns up and then the third guy shot him through the window of the car,” she said.

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