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The week in Washington discussed on ABC7 at 7

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - Are you at the edge of your seat yet? There is a lot going on this week in Washington.

President Trump is expected to name his choice for the Supreme Court Monday. A pick that will tip the balance of the high court and possibly mean the end of Roe vs. Wade.

The decision comes amid backlash from President Trump's controversial speech at a rally in Montana Thursday. That is where he mocked the #MeToo movement and suggested a DNA test for a Massachusetts democrat.

President Trump saying, "I'm going to get one of those little kits and in the middle of the debate when she proclaims that she's of Indian heritage because her mother says she has high cheekbones. We will take that little kit and say, but we have to do it gently. Because we're in the me-too generation so I have to be very gentle. And we will very gently take that kit and we will slowly toss it."


Joining the discussion on this week in Washington on ABC7 at 7: New College of Florida Professor, Keith Fitzgerald; Political Editor of SRQ Magazine, Jacob Ogles; and Lynn Larson of the Sarasota Republican Party.