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Texas lunch lady loses 100 pounds on 'cafeteria diet'

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BAYTOWN, TX (CNN/WWSB) - Everyday, with the warmest smile and words of encouragement, Tammy McRae welcomes a waiting line of curious and hungry kids at Carver Elementary School.

The now 160-lb. cafeteria manager has spent the past year eating every bit of the food her young student companions say they enjoy eating. Ever since, McRae has lost a total of 100 pounds.

She carried excess weight for 17 years after the birth of her second child. “I was going to die, if I was not, if I didn’t do anything about the issue,” says McRae. SO she decided to do something about it.

McRae began taking cues from her own cafeteria menu, eating the breakfast and lunch every day.

“And then at night I would go home and have a little bit of fruit or a little bit of yogurt,” she says.

By Christmas, McRae reports she started to feel much better about herself.

“And not because I’m thinner,” she says. “But because I’m healthier.”