Show-off border collie puts other dogs to shame

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(RNN) – Maker the border collie is pretty good when it comes to tricks.

His owner John Kuendig sees to that. He’s a professional dog trainer with John K9 – Elite Dog Training.

In his YouTube video “Selfie training,” Kuendig puts Maker through his paces, all on voice command. He never looks at the 3-year-old border collie.

Kuendig tells his enthusiastic pup to sit, stand, lay down, back up, spin, roll over and walk on his hind legs. Maker may do a few others too, but he does them so fast it's hard to keep up.

“That’s only about 5 percent of what he knows. I’ve worked him every day of his life since he was 8 weeks old,” Kuendig said. “A lot of those tricks are simple but the attention is the hardest thing to train.”

The video’s an internet hit with hundreds of thousands of views.

“He’s a special dog,” Kuendig said.

Yes, he is.

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