Shooter hits 4 cars on highway near SeaTac Airport, still at large

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SEATAC, WA (KCPQ/CNN) – Four drivers are counting their blessings after their vehicles were hit with bullets while they were driving by an unknown shooter on Wednesday

"I think I'm in shock a little bit," Mary Ertl said.

Her car has a bullet hole in its windshield. The bullet exited through her car’s passenger window.

"All of a sudden, something hit my car, and it was a big boom. And I realized what it was," Ertl said. "It just went everywhere, I don’t know. My whole car was just full of dust and glass." 

She got off Highway 509 and pulled over into a lot in SeaTac. Soon, she was joined by Mike Luiz.

"It sounded like you ran over a rock, a big rock like, but there was no bounce to the car, like something bounced up and hit the car. It was loud," he said.

When he pulled over next to Ertl, he saw the damage.

"There’s the bullet hole. and then it exits into the seat," Luiz said. The bullet hole was right below where Luiz was once sitting.

Another vehicle, a red pickup, had a bullet hole in the bed.

None of the victims saw anything suspicious.

"Everyone was nonchalant around me, the other cars. It could've been anybody," Luiz said.

Law enforcement agencies from across the area joined forces to search for the person or people responsible, by air and by foot, rifles out and ready as they tried to find whoever fired the shots.

They shut down the highway in both directions for five hours.

Even SeaTac Airport closed a runway, but no flights were delayed or cancelled.

Washington State troopers don't believe this was a drive-by shooting.

"We`re looking for an individual from the tree line area. We don't believe the shots were fired from another a vehicle," Trooper Rick Johnson said.

All the cars were going southbound, and were hit on the driver's side, including a black Jeep hit near the driver's window.

"In my recollection, I can't remember anything like this," Johnson said.

The victims don't know each other. This doesn't appear to be gang-related, and there are plenty of questions left unanswered.

Ertl said she's just happy to be headed home. "We`re all still standing. We’re still alive," she said.

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