RAW: Beautiful owl healing after flying into Apple Store window

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PORTLAND, OR (KOIN/CNN) - An owl that flew into a window of an Apple Store is recovering from its injuries.

Staff at the Wildlife Care Center in Portland say the barred owl still doesn't have an appetite, but it's in fair shape. Earlier this month, the owl flew into the window in the middle of the night.

Store employees found it the next morning and called wildlife officials, who say they are keeping a close watch on the bird's recovery.

"There is going to be a test flight of it later this afternoon to see how it is doing and potentially evaluate it for release,” said Mary Coolidge, Audubon BirdSafe Campaign coordinator.

The Audubon Society said the Apple Store's large glass windows are dangerous for birds. The group is urging the city to pass a requirement for buildings to reduce the hazards to birds.

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