Pursuit leads to multiple immigration arrests

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CHULA VISTA, CA (KGTV/CNN) - Police have arrested two American citizens at a California home on suspicion of smuggling. Inside the home, authorities say they found nine suspected undocumented immigrants.

Neighbor Marie Slingsby wasn't surprised by this scene on Friday. "This happens about twice a year, we've had this family down here since the 90s. It’s always been chaotic down here,” she said. 

During a traffic stop nearby, a man in the passenger seat got out and ran off.  He led deputies to a home near Olympic Parkway and Oleander Avenue and locked himself inside. 

Officials believe he has ties to a gang with an outstanding warrant. "This neighborhood was always a wonderful quiet place, and since he's moved in with his family he's been in prison a couple of times, and it got real quiet,” Slingsby said. 

Deputies then discovered many other people inside. About a dozen men were brought out in handcuffs and taken away by Border Patrol. 

"Seeing as they got the guys in handcuffs there's probably illegal aliens or something. That's what I'm thinking. Because they've had people in handcuffs sitting on the grass previously. I'd say about five more times,” Slingsby said.  

A young boy and a dog also were carried out of the home. SWAT teams, deputies and Border Patrol agents searched the home for several hours. 

"I just drove up and ta-da. There's cops here, there's cops over there, there's cops over on Oleadner and Orange Avenue area, so this is our biggest one,” Slingsby said. 

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