Protesters demonstrate against IRS actions

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CINCINNATI (AP) — Federal buildings across the country have been the scene of rallies today by tea party activists, protesting the extra scrutiny given to conservative groups by the Internal Revenue Service.

A crowd packed the sidewalks in front of and across the street from a Cincinnati federal building housing the IRS offices that handled applications for tax-exempt status.

There were also rallies outside IRS offices in Atlanta, Louisville, Chicago, Philadelphia, Kansas City and other cities.

In Washington, a few dozen people gathered outside IRS headquarters, carrying signs reading "Audit the IRS" and "Don't audit me, Bro." The demonstrators included a George Washington University student who said she's a registered Republican -- but that she'd also be demonstrating if liberal groups had been targeted.

Among the protesters in Kansas City was Vicki Watkins, a substitute teacher who said she thinks the IRS was trying to "get conservative groups to throw in the towel."

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APPHOTO NJME115: Cliff Toye, of Tabernacle, holds a sign as he stands with others outside Internal Revenue Service offices Tuesday, May 21, 2013, in Cherry Hill, N.J., during a tea party rally protesting extra IRS scrutiny of conservative groups. The Internal Revenue Service gave extra scrutiny to tea party and other conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status. (AP Photo/Mel Evans) (21 May 2013)

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APPHOTO GAJA105: Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal waits to address political activists during a rally at the Georgia State Capitol, Tuesday, May 21, 2013, in Atlanta. Tea party activists waving flags and signs, singing patriotic songs and chanting anti-IRS slogans protested outside federal buildings across the country Tuesday to protest the agency's extra scrutiny of conservative groups. (AP Photo/John Amis) (21 May 2013)

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