Patriotic pontoon makes waves at Ditto Landing, Ala.

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAAY) – A patriotic boat built by a Vietnam Veteran caught a lot of people’s attention at Ditto Landing.

Joseph Johnson saw the boat when he came into the marina he says “I like that patriotic boat, it shows a lot of spirit.”

The boat looks like the American flag complete with 50 stars and red stripes. Richard Groves the owner of the pontoon boat renovated it over winter, with the help of some friends.

Kurt Liebetrau, helped bring his vision of the patriotic boat to life. “He started from the bottom up and it was quite the project but a lot of fun,” Liebetrau said.

Groves says he was inspired by his patriotism to construct the Star Spangle Banner inspired boat. “I’m a Vietnam veteran and I love America,” Grove said.

The group of friends had one goal in mind when they started to renovation. "The key to getting this boat finished was getting it in by the due date of the fourth of July,” Liebetrau said.

Groves says he has a few more adjustments to make before the boat is complete, “I’m going to put roll tide on the front," Groves said.