Ohio man's ex-relatives describe abusive behavior

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CLEVELAND (AP) — Former relatives of a man accused of holding three women captive for a decade in his Cleveland home say he terrorized the mother of his children, beating her and locking her indoors.

Elida Caraballo (eh-LEE'-dah kehr-ah-BAHL'-oh) is the sister of Grimilda Figueroa, who left Ariel Castro years ago and died last year. She spoke to The Associated Press on Thursday as did Monica Stephens, a daughter-in-law of Figueroa now living in Florida.

Caraballo says Castro shoved Figueroa into a cardboard box and ordered her to stay there.

Caraballo also says Castro startled her sister by jumping in front of her with a mannequin as she climbed stairs and she fell and injured her head.

Castro hid his face during his brief arraignment and didn't speak or enter a plea.