New Report Highlights Hillary Clinton’s Role in the “Preventable” Benghazi Attack That Left 4 Americans Dead

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ALEXANDRIA, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb 11, 2014--A new OPSEC report combines for the first time in a single document the findings of multiple official investigations and media reports about Hillary Clinton’s role before, during and after the attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi – an attack a bipartisan committee of U.S. senators called “preventable.”

relies on sworn testimony, findings by independent and bipartisan congressional investigations and media reports to demonstrate that Hillary Clinton was unsupportive before the Benghazi attack, unresponsive during the attack and has worked to remain unaccountable after the attack. Excerpts include:

Breach of Duty: Hillary Clinton and Catastrophic Failure in Benghazi is being released by OPSEC, a non-partisan grassroots advocacy organization of former members of Special Operations Forces and the Intelligence Community. OPSEC is focused on protecting U.S. Special Operations Forces and national intelligence assets from political exploitation, misguided policies, and intentional misuse of classified information, all of which expose them and their families to greater risk and reduce their ability to keep Americans safe. More information about OPSEC can be found at www.OpSecTeam.org.