Meow's the day! Sunday is National Cat Day

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Sunday is National Cat Day!

Wait, didn’t we just celebrate our feline friends? Yes, but that was Global Cat Day, on Oct. 10. Sunday, it’s all about cats in the US.

National Cat Day was founded in 2005 to recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued.  About 4 million cats enter shelters annually, and of those, 1-2 million are euthanized. That's according to the National Cat Day organization, which encourages spaying and neutering cats and getting them into permanent, loving homes.

Kitty antics have made them stars of social media.

Besides taking over the internet, what have cats done for people?

The American Heart Association reports that cats, like most pets, can lower their humans’ blood pressure. Cat owners know their furballs also give unconditional love, companionship and hours of laughter.

The site Petful reports that cats, with their heightened senses, can warn their people of dangerous situations - blocking their owners from snakes and other predators, behaving strangely when storms are approaching and even recognizing some illnesses and giving signs that something is wrong.

Cats are as instinctive as they are cute. And they deserve a day (or two) of appreciation. To celebrate, get them a new toy, make them a special treat, schedule more cuddle time and donate to local shelters.

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