Male-rompers: the new fashion-trend for guys?

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Whether you call it the 'bromper' or the manly onesie, it all refers to the same fast-growing fashion trending for guys.

Introducing the male romper.

The one-piece clothing was launched by Chicago-based company, ACED Design in a Kickstarter campaign. The rompers are short-sleeved, short-fit ( meaning short-shorts, at least below the knee) and a button down front piece.

And there is a zipper fly, of course with deep-front pockets that can hold anything. 

The rompers are offered in all types of colors and come in  all shapes and sizes to fit any man willing to wear them. The one-pieces have been trending like crazy on social media, creating some pretty funny memes.


ACED are calling them the start of a fashion revolution.

Right now the company is retailing them at $90, but they anticipate the price to go up once it hits the retail market. Their target goal was to raise $10,000 for the rompers but they've quadrupled that amount, raising over $219,000 dollars.

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