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Google Maps: Neighbor's PG-13 insult in field can be seen from space

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(RNN) - That's one way to express your feelings.

A Sequin, WA, resident appears to have cut "A HOLE" into their field, along with an arrow pointing at the nearby home to remove all ambiguity. 

A person with a lot of spare time found it on Google Earth and posted it to Reddit on Tuesday.

According to Mashable, the satellite view comes from 2016, but a historical imagery search found it first cropped up - so to speak - between 2011 and 2013.

A commenter on the "Google Maps level neighbor feud" thread surmised it was related to a dispute in the area over a big, purple garage that was reported on in 2009. But it's Reddit, so be skeptical.

Besides, maybe it wasn't meant to be the PG-13 version of a curse word. Several others had alternate theories.

"Maybe he's just trying to warn any pilots or aliens landing in the area about a big hole," someone said.

"Exactly. Those sinkholes can really sneak up on you," retorted someone else.

"Or that his neighbor's fence has a hole," added another.

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