Experts warn of credit card skimmer

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NEW YORK (ABC News) -- Before swiping your credit or debit card - buyer beware. There's a growing scam that has consumers literally handing over their personal information to thieves.

For example, surveillance video shows a McDonald's drive-thru attendant in Florida swiping each credit card twice - once to charge for the food, and again through something called a skimmer, which steals the card's details.

Crooks can use that info to clone your card, and then spend a fortune.

Police say this person was stealing credit card numbers from up to 70 customers every single shift.

And this is just one example of these electronic skimmers that are also at gas stations and other stores.

Some expert advice:

- Monitor your account. Most companies will take the loss if you report it in 60 days.

- Choose your gas pump wisely. Skimmers prefer to target pumps in the shadows

- Pay inside, where you can watch an employee swipe your card.