Dramatic dashcam video shows trooper's vehicle hit a motorcycle

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DAYTON, OH - An Ohio trooper is not talking after a dramatic collision with a motorcycle that was caught on video. That accident sent two people to the hospital; now they are talking about the painful moment of impact.

Greene County prosecutor Steve Haller calls the video "dramatic." The video from the cruiser of Trooper Jacob Daymon shows him driving west on U.S. 35 Saturday, August 17th, just before 10pm. Then suddenly, without seeming to slow down, the trooper rear-ends a motorcycle.


It flips several times before dropping out of sight.

The trooper’s car appears to be smoking. The audio kicks in as the trooper activates the flashing lights. The highway patrol says that is standard procedure.

You can hear the trooper ask the couple if they're alright. They were later identified as Corey and Amy Waldman.

You can see the trooper several times in the video, checking out his car, another time running to put out a small fire.

When asked his account of what happened, Trooper Daymon said he was advised by an attorney not to speak with anyone about it.

A relative of the Waldmans said they're not doing very well. He was having x-rays done and she was suffering from a concussion.

They described what you can't see on the video. "I think I went off to the left side. I couldn't see her at all and we just slid, and slid, and slid. The only time it wouldn't hurt for two seconds is when my helmet would hit the ground," said Cory Waldman.

The Waldmans credit their helmets for saving their lives.