Cheerleader's hunting photos spark controversy

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DALLAS, Texas (ABC News) --  A Texas Tech cheerleader has created a firestorm online after posting pictures of past African hunting trips where she killed animals.

Kendall Jones, 19, now has 53,000 likes on her Facebook page but some of her followers have attacked her. She's posing with a zebra, rhino and dead lion in various pictures.

Her page says she loves pursuing her adventures in hunting and wants to host a TV show next year. She says she grew up in Cleburne, Texas, and started hunting as a child with her father. The story she tells on Facebook is of a nine-year-old when she first traveled to Zimbabwe, Africa. She says she first shot a white rhino with a 416 Remington in her quest for the "Big 5."


Some Facebook posts expressed outrage over her excursions, with one woman saying, "You are so very, very sick. I just hope some of those animals fight back" and another accusing her of being a "heartless, soulless person." But she also has supporters with one man saying, "You have my support Kendall Jones" and "I support you 100% as I am a hunter also."

A Houston woman who has been on African hunting trips says in her experiences the trips are organized, they must have permits on the animals they intend to hunt and many rules and guidelines must be followed with a specific list of what is allowed and what isn't.

Kendall says on her Facebook page, "I just want to thank all of my supporters for their continued encouragement and backing! I will continue to hunt and spread the knowledge of hunting and wildlife conservation."