Meth lab dismantled in Charlotte County

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CHARLOTTE COUNTY, FL-Detectives located what appeared to be a small methamphetamine cooking operation along Taylor Road in Punta Gorda last Friday which resulted in the surrounding area being shut down for a short time.

Shortly after noon on Friday April 25, detectives checked buildings located at 2730 Taylor Road in Punta Gorda after learning that unauthorized people may have been at the location.  The property owner had previously given the Sheriff’s Office authorization to take any necessary legal action on their behalf if anyone were found trespassing on the property.

Detectives found that someone had apparently broken into the buildings at the location and had been living there.  They found various narcotic paraphernalia and pill bottles, along with a jug that had vapor coming out of it in one of the bathrooms.  The items located were indicative of those typically used to make methamphetamine.

Because of the hazardous nature of their findings, detectives called for the Fire Department HazMat team, as well as Sheriff’s Office members who have been trained in how to deal with the safe dismantling of methamphetamine operations.  A portion of Taylor Road was closed temporarily while the materials were safely removed.

Nobody was present at the location when the detectives arrived.  No arrests were made, but, after speaking with the property manager, a report was filed for the burglary of the buildings on the property.