Young girl to be remembered at local animal rescue

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BRADENTON - Earlier this week, we brought you the story of 10-year-old Alexandra Brown.  Brown was a Manatee County girl who police say was murdered by her father in Ohio.  Her memory will be carried on by friends and family through an animal shelter where she spent many happy days caring for cats and dogs.

"I don't focus on the negative, I don't focus on everything that happened," said her mother, Nikki Lowe.  "I am just moving on and making something positive happen."

Brown's mother wants her name to live on at a place she spent many happy times with friends and family, Honor Animal Rescue. 

"Some people like to go to the park and do some things on the weekends," said director Karissa Mayer.  "But she wanted to come to the shelter."

Nate's Honor Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization that is no-kill and 99% staffed by volunteers. 

"We've only been around for about 5 years and we've grown quite a bit," Mayer said.

Instead of your typical fenced-in cages , "The Ranch" has cottages for the dogs and cats to live in.  Mayer said it lets the animals live in a more calm and stress-free environment.

"We have a play yard, we have an agility yard and volunteers come in and work with them on basic obedient and agility and different things to socialize them, make them good adoptable pets," Mayer said.

And because volunteer work here was a huge part of Lexi's life, Mayer said they will soon start a program called  Lexi's Paw Pals as a way to remember her and allow kids to have the same opportunities Lexi did including working and socializing with the animals.

"We are truly honored to have had their family and continue to have their family involved in the shelter," said Mayer.  "And that they would include us in this process."

Mayer said it will also show everyone the positive impact children have on the lives of dogs and cats hoping to find a new home.

"We really want people to know that these kids have such an impact on the shelter and the well being of these animals in so many ways," Mayer said.

For more information on the program and donating,  go to their website.