6-year-old hospitalized after pit bull attack in Bradenton

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BRADENTON, FL. - A 6-year old boy is recovering after being bitten by a pit bull in Manatee County.

It happened in the 1100 block of 36th Avenue West at a friend's home the victim's family had been staying at.

Deputies say the boy's stepmother found the dog biting him. As she tried to get the dog to release, the owner came in to help.

The boy is reportedly in stable condition and undergoing procedures at All Children's Hospital to determine the extent of the injuries to his forearm and the back of his neck.

The pit bull's owner says the boy was afraid of the dog and he may have tried to feed him some cotton candy. He says his niece was involved in a similar incident with the pet, but he's still a good dog. “She was very afraid of the dog. She don't come over here a lot. Food was involved that time also. He's a good dog. He's well trained and he does listen to his owners, but we wasn't here.”

Animal Control has possession of the dog now. According to the owner, it's being quarantined for 10 to 30 days pending a dangerous dog investigation.