Willowbrook repairs begin

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BRADENTON, FL-- After months of no answers, some residents in Manatee County's Willowbrook town home community met with the Division President of KB Home, the company that built the defect riddled homes. But, they say the meetings were not reassuring.

Dozens of resident's in the Willowbrook community have dealt with various structural issues and water intrusion, some for years, and now, they've been told that their homeowner's association reached an agreement with the builder, KB Home, but the details remain a mystery.

“We want to build the value back into the community, we want to work in conjunction with the association, and that's exactly what we're doing,” KB Home's Division President for Central Florida, George Glance.

Resident's here in Willowbrook say this is the first time he's been out on property since they started reporting the problems, and while today Glance assured them that KB Home will fix the issues, they say they're not buying it. “The problem is, we've heard that before and our house is still falling apart and my husband is sick all the time we have ants that i can't let my daughter crawl around with, and water is coming in. That's great, but we have to live in this everyday, so now our house value is gone,” Ashley Delph, Willowbrook resident.

About a month ago, Manatee County Building Inspectors came out deeming several homes unsafe because the decks are caving in, and resident's say the water intrusion is causing mold to grow exponentially, but Glance says now, there's a crew at Willowbrook, ready to fix the problems once and for all. “Top priority, any unsafe condition. We're already on that. Second priority is any interior condition that has water intrusion. We want to make sure if anyone has a particular condition that concerns them, we want to go in there and take care of that problem, including mold.”

However, resident's say the homeowner's association hasn't told them anything about the agreement, the repairs or the process. “When we ask the questions, we always get the standard response, it's in litigation, or we can't talk to you quite yet, i bought this house, not the board, i want to know what's going on,” Armando Delgado, Willowbrook resident. And with some resident's having already been through the repair process, only to have the problems return, they say enough is enough.

Resident's say homeowners from five other KB Home communities in Florida have contacted them reporting similar problems, the closest being in Clearwater. However, Glance says those cases aren't documented, but he says KB Home has done warranty work on other properties, and if a homeowner has an issue, all they need to do is submit a claim and it will be taken care of.