Willowbrook contractor suing homeowner for slander

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MANATEE COUNTY - Homeowners in a Manatee County community who have put legal pressure on their builder to fix defects in their homes are now being sued by a contractor doing some of the work.

It's been an ongoing saga for the residents of the Willowbrook townhome community, so much so that one of them started a website so that residents and the board would have a place to go to for information sharing. But now one of his posts is getting him into some legal trouble.

Andrew Smith bought his townhome in 2006 and he says the problems started about two years later. Resident's say their homes have water leaks, causing black mold, among other construction problems.

KB Home finally agreed to hire third-party contractors to correct the construction problems, but Smith says he doesn't trust it. He posted an arrest record on the Willowbrook website stating the owner of the contracted company, DueAll, was arrested for trafficking cocaine.

Now, DueAll is suing him for slander-- something he says he feels is a scare tactic. “It was basically a slap suit trying to intimidate me. The information I have up on the website is factual and its public knowledge and I wanted to keep the homeowners informed, my board here informed and I wanted to bring the attention to the government to keep them in the loop of what's happening in the matters of Willowbrook. I just really feel like I have done nothing defamatory, liable or slanderous and I feel like they're victimizing a victim,” says Smith.

We left a message with DueAll Construction. According to the company's Facebook page, they're based out of Riverview, which is just south of Tampa. No one has returned our call yet.