Warm weather means a slow start to a lucrative fishing business.

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Suncoast waters are filled with a fish that only eats vegetation, and is wanted for its caviar

It's that time of year again when area fishing Guides put away their rods and reels and grab their nets to cast for mullet. I decided to pay a visit to Cortez Fishing Village on Thursday to see if I could dig up story this week for my fishing segment, and I found one.  A good one.

It seems the Roe, or fish eggs of Red Mullet are a highly prized in certain countries, specifically Taiwan and Italy, but not so much here in the U.S. And go figure they are in abundance here in SW FL waters during the month of December. They gather here in the bays and canals, before they take off for deeper waters in the Gulf to spawn.

The season is a short one, beginning just after Thanksgiving and lasting through early January. During this season one boat, with a crew of 2 or 3 can make more than $50,000 dollars in about one month. The going price is $1.30 per pound for red mullet, and only .15 cents for the white.

The mullet like cold murky water, and that happens when cold fronts make their way through our area. That hasn't happened that much lately, but the netters are hoping more fronts will be moving in through late Dec. and early Jan.