Victim's mom breaks silence on Frazier case

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MANATEE COUNTY, FL---The attorney for Bob Gagnon, one of the four Manatee County School District administrators charged in relation to the Rod Frazier abuse case was in court Wednesday.   A Manatee County judge agreed to reduced the former Manatee High School principal's bond.  While Gagnon was not in court the mother of one of the alleged victims was and she's speaking out on camera for the first time.

"Our lives have been turned upside down," said Alice.  Her daughter is the former Manatee County student who says she was subjected to inappropriate contact from Rod Frazier a former Manatee High football coach.

"The battery at the school, the forcing my daughter on his lap and pushing her into the wall when the teacher came into the room and caught them,  the text messages, the water bottle between the legs, the toting her around on the golf cart at school and driving her from classroom to classroom," said Alice as she recount some of the incidents where she says Frazier crossed the line.  She also says Frazier was an administrator at the school and that he used his power to keep her daughter quiet.

"He was a disciplinarian. If they didn't go along with what he wanted they were thrown into in school suspension.  That's when they're contained in a room with the lights off and they're not allowed to talk to anybody days on end," Alice added.

Frazier's attorney denies the allegation and maintains his clients innocence. "We stand by the written statement of not guilt," said Attorney, Eddie Mulock.

But Alice's list of allegations go beyond Frazier.

"They covered it up.  Nobody from the school every contacted me and told me there was an incident at the school that I might want to talk to my daughter about. In fact the opposite happened, they told my daughter that if she said anything, she would be expelled from school and never get a diploma," Alice said and she didn't stop there.  She added that since coming forward things have gotten worse.  "Ever since this started its been about punishing the victim. The level of harassment!  Its constant but its not breaking the law."

Four district administrators are currently facing felony charges for not reporting child abuse.  Frazier is charged with 10 misdemeanors, 7 of them for battery. Which Alice summed up by saying, "That's a pervert.  That is way crossing lines that an adult should never."

We also reached out to the Manatee County School District to get their response to Alice's allegations.  The sent us a statement saying the matter is still under investigation and they would not be able to comment until the investigation is closed.