Unbudgeted items found in Manatee schools budget

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MANATEE COUNTY - Things are not getting any easier for the interim Manatee County superintendent after uncovering $7,000,000 worth of unbudgeted items.

David Gaylor took over Manatee County Schools after major budget problems were discovered.

He began by dissecting the budget, and 6 weeks later he now has a list of items that were not planned for.

Gaylor says they include $4.5 million worth of core items, or items needed to properly run the district, and some $2.5 million worth of employee raises.

He has also found $1.7 million in savings, and on that note he is optimistic. "You never like to find items that are not budgeted. This is not good news. The good news is we found them I suppose. More importantly, we know what they are, $2.8 million we can cover. This is a challenge, but it's not overwhelming."

Gaylor also says no programs will be cut from Manatee County Schools as a result of the findings.