U.S. Senator calls out Bradenton Housing Authority in speech

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BRADENTON, Fla. - The Bradenton Housing Authority is coming under fire after Senator Chuck Grassley mentioned the organization as an example of ineffective HUD policies.

In a speech on the Senate floor that aired on CSPAN 2 Tuesday, Grassley named the Bradenton Housing Authority one of the "most egregious examples of how ineffective Department of Housing and Urban Development has been at policing local house authorities."

He added that "employees at the Bradenton Housing Authority only have to work four days a week.  They get two weeks off at Christmas, bonuses in June and December, and the option to cash out up to a month of sick leave twice per year."

Acting interim Director Darcy Branch told the Bradenton Herald that those issues are being worked on.

ABC 7's Bobeth Yates will have more on this story tonight on ABC 7 News at 5 & 6.