TreeUmph! a place to frolic in the treetops

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MANATEE COUNTY - If you are tired and bored of just keeping your feet on the ground, if you want to live like monkeys do, head out to TreeUmph! and frolic and play in the treetops.

"It’s a lot more exciting. I am not just going to the gym and lifting weights, I can go with friends," says client Katelyn Monroe.

They have 6 different courses to choose from, and the course is available to any from age 7 and up, so it can be a family, team, or an organizational get together.

"These parks really become part of the community. That's our goal here at TreeUmph! We want people to see it as a place to come with families and friends. They can come here and set-up fundraisers," says owner Aaron Corr.

The ‘Leap of Faith’ is one of the more popular activities on these courses. You also get to swing like a monkey on a vine, and the biggest attraction: the zip-line to take you down at the end of the course.

"I've never lived somwhere where there was a zip-lining course. I am excited to be up in the area and feel weightless," says Monroe.

Aaron and Kathy Corr opened TreeUmph! because they wanted to bring a little something different to the Suncoast. "To bring an exciting new element to the Bradenton area. We have seen these parks in other parts of the world and they are a lot of fun."

"There are a lot of obstacles that are a lot more challenging than just holding onto a zip-line, so I am excited for that," says Monroe.

TreeUmph! Is located in Manatee County, on State Road 70 about 9 miles east of Interstate 75.