Tree house owners hit with fines, code violations

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HOLMES BEACH--After months of fighting the city of Holmes Beach over her tree-top abode, Lynn Tran is exhausted.

"Tired and disappointed after a whole day long and feel like we've gone nowhere," said Tran.

On Tuesday, code enforcement officials handed Tran page after page of code violations.

"If I go through all that, if I go through all hundred pages and meet all those codes, I'm going to have a real house, instead of a hut," laughed Tran.

They say her "house" in the tree isn't up to code. but she says its not a house at all, and that's what officials don't get. She says it's simply a tree-top getaway in her own backyard.

"This is not a planned development, not a house, we need simple rules for simple things," said Tran.

Sifting through the reams of paper, Tran seems a bit dumbfounded over what the city expects she and her partner, Richard Hazen, to do in order to correct the issue.

It's all just the latest step in an ongoing battle Tran and Hazen have been waging with city officials.

She maintains the city first told her she didn't need any permits just to build a tree house. She also questions where the all these new code violations came from.

"The confusing part is the thirty-three something code violations that they say we violated that when the previous building official said there were none," said Tran, "so how did it go from none to thirty-three something?"

It's just one question in a long line that still needs to be answered, before their tree top troubles are over.