Thieves target unlocked cars in Bradenton

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BRADENTON--Police tell you that thieves look for easy targets like open windows and unlocked doors, and that many crimes happen because the victims made themselves targets. Police say that's what happened in a string of burglaries in Bradenton Saturday night.

Manatee deputies say a string of break ins happened at a Bradenton apartment complex on 4th Avenue West.

Authorities say the victims presented easy targets to the burglars as all the cars that were stolen from were left unlocked.

One victim ABC7 news spoke with admits she left the car door unlocked, and is now dealing with the fallout from having a criminal inside her vehicle.

"It felt a little bit like someone had invaded our private space," said Becky Kobos, whose car was robbed, "I also felt guilty that I hadn't locked my car because I know that's an important thing to do, but it was just kind of disappointing."

Deputies say in total there were five victims whose cars were stolen from, all of which had been left unlocked.

At this point authorities haven't said just how much property was lost in total.