The Resort at Longboat Key Club hosts job fair

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The Resort at Longboat Key Club hosted a hospitality job fair this afternoon where they focused on food and beverage positions. They even hired applicants on the spot.

The resort is heading into their busy season and are looking to fill nearly eighteen positions.

"I'm very excited to start a new career in a new place," Carolina Feliciani.

Feliciani is just one of many applicants who was offered a job on the spot today. Feliciani has worked in the hospitality industry for over eight years in Sarasota and is ready for a new opportunity.

"Tienen muchos oportunidades con muchos puestos, como cocinero, como mesera," said Feliciani. Mey Vidal-Peredes, the Human Resources Manager for The Resort at Longboat Key Club translated, "many openings for culinary such as in cooking or waitressing."

Feliciani enjoys working in an industry where you can also experience the beautiful scenery Sarasota has to offer.

"It's a great place to work, beautiful views; and if you speak English and Spanish it's way better," Feliciani said.

We also spoke with Mey Vidal-Peredes who is the resources manager at the resort, and she says they are looking for individuals that want to work in a fun and productive workplace.

Vidal-Parades said, "We're getting ready for our season. And we have about eighteen food and beverage openings."

Sarasota county has an unemployment rate of  7%, but Vidal-Peredes says it is her priority to hire locally and keep our community employed.

LONGBOAT KEY, Fla. - "We are looking locally where other companies might be looking at H-2B visa students to bring them into work here. We don't do that, we want to hire our local individuals and keep our community employed, it's very important to us," Vidal-Peredes said.

The Resort at Longboat Key Club prides themselves on having a diversified workplace and are looking forward to meeting new applicants.

Nancy Pervus, the manager of Spike 'n Tees at the resort said, "I've been waiting for this eagerly, and the first two people I interviewed I really liked. So I've put in the decision to hire for them, and hopefully I'll get to put them to work as soon as possible."

If you are interested in applying, you can visit the The Resort at Longboat Key Club website.