Suspect sought in west Bradenton home burglaries

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MANATEE COUNTY – A Bradenton woman hopes that video from her home security system will catch the men who broke into her house earlier this month.

The video shows one of the men walk to her front door, where he waits for about a minute. Later he and another man calmly walk through the yard to the back of the home. The one in the yellow shirt appears to have a military-style haircut.

After breaking in through the rear lanai, the men come out about 30 minutes later, carting out televisions, computers, and suitcases with some of the items, including cash and medication.

Burglars struck two other homes in the Glenn Lakes community around the same time.

Mary Malloy does not expect to see her belongings again. But she hopes to see the criminals caught. . "It's pretty amazing that they integrated themselves into what was happening in the neighborhood," Malloy says. "And nobody really looked at them. I know people saw them. One of my neighbors actually did see them, but thought they were visiting somebody, (and) didn't think much of it.”

The dates of occurrences and addresses of the burglaries are:

• 3-11-13, 5100 block of 44th St. W., Bradenton

• 3-12-13, 5100 block of 55th St. Circle W., Bradenton

• 3-12-13, 5100 block of 51st Lane W., Bradenton


Anyone with information about these burglaries is asked to contact MSO at 941-747-3011, ext. 2594 or Crime Stoppers at 866-634-TIPS.