State investigators rule Sheena Morris death a suicide

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MANATEE COUNTY - The State Attorney's Office says criminal charges will not be filed in the death of Sheena Morris.

Assistant State Attorney Art Brown released a 21-page report Wednesday outlining his findings into an FDLE investigation that looked at the 22-year-old's mysterious death.

"After a painstaking and thorough review and compilation of facts relating to the death of Sheena Morris, FDLE has concluded that "the investigation shows no evidence of a homicide,"" the report stated.

On New Year's Day 2009, Morris was found hanging by a dog leash in a room at the Bridge Walk Resort in Bradenton Beach. The Bradenton Beach Police Department ruled the death a suicide. Sheena's mother, Kelly Osborn has always believed her daughter was murdered. She has pointed her finger at Sheena's ex boyfriend, Joe Genoese as the primary suspect. Genoese left the hotel after the two had a fight, hours prior to her body being discovered the next morning.

"There is no direct evidence that Joe Genoese or any other individual was responsible for the death of Sheena Morris," the report says."The lack of injuries to her head do not support a conclusion that she was knocked unconscious from a blow delivered by another person. There is also no evidence to suggest that she was smothered to the point of unconsciousness and then placed in the leash."

Over the years, Osborn has conducted her own investigation by hiring private investigators and scientists. Yet, according to Brown's report, it discredits many of their findings.

The reports also mentions that during the FDLE's investigation, a licensed psychologist with experience in the assessment of suicide risk factors was shown the case. Due to some traumatic incidents in Sheena's past, the report states, "He concluded that Sheena "presented multiple risk factors consistent with individuals who commit suicide.""

Yet, why did Joe Genoese fail a lie detector test when he asked about Sheena's death on the Doctor Phil Show? According to Brown's report, "The questions posed on Dr. Phil were designed to evoke emotional responses by their very wording." Following the show's taping, Genoese was given another lie detector test, this time administered by the FDLE. The test found no indication of deception in his responses.

Sheena's mother, Kelly Osborn told us Wednesday night, "I finally got an investigation that the BBPD never did. I have to review the report and digest what we have heard today. I need time to think."

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