Son charged in neglect of mother who had legs amputated

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MANATEE COUNTY, Fla. - Police have charged a Palmetto man with Elder Neglect and Elder Exploit after they say he delayed medical treatment to his ailing mother, resulting in her legs being amputated.

According to the Palmetto Police Department, 50-year-old James Bonelli was trusted as the caretaker for his mother, who suffers from multiple medical issues and cannot make sound judgements.

Bonelli had recently taken her to the doctor for chest pains.  Upon arrival, the doctor urged Bonelli to take his mother to the emergency room due to open sores and ulcers on her legs, to the point that the tendons were exposed on one leg.

However, a police report says that Bonelli instead took her directly to the bank, where he cashed two months of her Social Security cheaks and withdrew more cash from her account.

It was hours before his mother got the medical attention she needed, and the mother's legs needed to be amputated.

Social workers told police that Bonelli refused to accept help in taking care of his mother, and would not return their calls.

Boselli was arrested on June 6th and charged with Elder Abuse and Elder Exploit on $21,500 bond.  He was released two days later.