Residents claim cat killer on the loose in Bradenton neighborhood

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BRADENTON, Fla.  - Could a cat killer be on the loose in a Bradenton neighborhood? Some residents seem to think so. In the last month, neighbors report more than ten missing cats. Some of them have been discovered dead, including 3-year-old Gelley, a feline belonging to Wendy Colbert.

"For this person to think it is okay to kill someone's pet is preposterous. People love their pets almost as much as they love their children."

Colbert believes someone fed her cat rat poisoning after it wandered outside of her home last Friday.  "In high doses, it causes bleeding," said Colbert. "That is the cause of death. Those were the only symptoms on my cat."

Colbert believes a fellow resident is purposely killing the neighborhood cats.  "This person needs to be brought to justice," said Colbert.

However, according to Bradenton Police Captain Warren Merriman, there is no evidence at this time that points to any person maliciously killing the cats.

"I do not think we have a serial cat killer," said Merriman. "I ask any pet owner to keep an eye on their pet, and keep them inside or on a leash. Just make sure you talk to your neighbors and let them know you have a cat that gets out occasionally."

In response to the cat issue, neighbors in the Village of the Arts are forming a Neighborhood Watch Program.

If you have any information on this story, you are asked to contact the Bradenton Police Department at (941) 932-9300.