Rescued girl thanks man who helped save her

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MANATEE COUNTY - The half-sister of a young boy who drowned this weekend on Coquina Beach took time Tuesday to thank the man who helped save her from nearly drowning as well.

The family of Natalie Taylor says they knew only of a mystery man that pulled the little girl out of the water. After reading about him in the newspaper, they contacted him online, and Tuesday Natalie and her aunts met up with Isaac Espinoza in Manatee County.

Natalie's mom says she will forever be grateful to Mr. Espinoza. Without him, I wouldn’t have the 2nd chance to love my daughter every day, and see her every day,” said Amanda Jones.

“I would want somebody to do that to my family member, if one of my family members was out there,” said Espinosa.

He and Natalie also exchanged gifts with each other. She gave him a framed photo, and he gave her his St. Christopher pendant, which in the Catholic faith is often worn as a symbol of protection.